Guidelines for Using a Pest Control Service


If you’re experiencing a pest infestation that you can’t deal with on your own, it’s advisable to turn to professional exterminators Greensboro NC. How can you ensure you hire the best pest control service? Before you select a company, be sure to get answers to the following questions.

Is the service licensed?

Most local or state agencies issue licenses to pest control firms. Contact the pesticide regulatory body of your state to ensure the pest controller’s license is valid if your state requires licenses. Additionally, ask if the firm’s staff is bonded, which ensures that the company reimburses you for damages or losses caused by employees.

What’s the company’s track record?

Don’t believe what the company’s salesperson tells you. Research and find the answer on your own. Again, contact your state’s pest control agency to know if there have been complaints filed against the company. Ask your friends and neighbors if they’ve ever worked with the company. If so, were they happy with the services they got?

Is the company committed to discuss treatment options with you?

Selecting termite inspection Winston Salem is just as crucial as choosing other professional services. Go for the same high standard of quality you’d expect from an attorney or doctor. Any firm, including those claiming to be “green”, should be able to inspect your property and recommend a control program which includes:

Pests to be exterminated

Extent of the pest infestation

The chosen pesticide’s active ingredients

Potential adverse effects of the ingredients

Form of pesticide and techniques of application

Special instructions to minimize your pesticide exposure (like vacating the house, removing pets, and emptying cupboards)

Steps to reduce pest infestations in the future

Is the company a member of a professional association?

Professional associations, whether local, state, or national, keep members abreast of the latest developments in terms of pest control techniques, training, safety, regulations, and research. Members agree to follow a certain code of ethics. Any company, large or small, that joins a professional body shows it cares about quality. For more info about pest control, visit

Does the pest control firm have the right insurance?

Most termite inspection raleigh nc contractors have general liability insurance, which includes insurance for accidental or sudden pollution. Their insurance offers you a certain level of protection in case an accident occurs while they apply pesticides in your home. Although a majority of states don’t require that pest control services buy insurance, think twice before using a company that has no insurance.


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